Zhong Wang


Prof. Wang has served as the vice-president of the Institute of Basic Research in Clinical Medicine and the academic leader of clinical pharmacology of Chinese medicine in China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences. He has also served as the vice-president and permanent secretary of the Data Monitoring Committee for Clinical Studies in WFCMS, permanent secretary of Medical Experts Committee in CIUR, vice-president of Division of Clinical Evaluation Committee in CMAM, executive committee member of Division of Clinical Pharmacology in Chinese Clinical Pharmacological Society, board member of other pharmacological and pharmaceutical associations, and is a regular reviewer for National Natural Science Fund and senior member of Drug Evaluation Committee of CFDA. 

He has been appointed as a regular reviewer for a number of international peer-reviewed journals. Prof. Wang has organized and participated in multiple National programs. He has published more than 100 papers and has authored over 50 papers in peer-reviewed English journals. Prof. Wang was the pioneer of a new discipline named “Fangjiomics," which systematically analyzes the principles and methods of the combination of Chinese medicine - a system that will guide future combination therapy.

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