Hongxin Cao


Prof. Hongxin Cao, MD, PhD, China, is chief researcher at the Chinese Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences. He is a member of the CPPCC National Committee, the national intangible cultural heritage project (cognitive Chinese life and disease) inheritor, and the academic committee of the State Council (TCM) discipline appraisal group convener. 

He is recognized nationally as an expert for his outstanding contributions and receives special subsidies from the state council. He is a former president of Heilongjiang University Of Chinese Medicine, Chinese Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences, Director of the State Administration of traditional Chinese medicine planning and Finance Division, Department of science and technology. 

He was named the fourth and fifth vice president of China Association of Chinese medicine China and vice president of the Institute of integrated traditional Chinese and Western medicine. He is an innovator of traditional Chinese medicine theory and the treatment of cardiovascular diseases, receiving two awards for work demonstrating national technological advances and national technicalogical innovation. He also received an award for National teaching and earned the China Patent Excellence Award. He earned the Heliang Heli Science and Technology Progress Award, and was also recognized by the Russian Ministry of foreign affairs for his international cooperation and development. 

He has published more than 350 papers, and is the author of more than 30 books. As an educator and mentor, he has trained more than 70 doctors and post doctoral candidates.

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